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New eBook - An American's Guide to Downton Abbey 

My latest short, funny (and inexspensive - only $2.99) eBook, called "An American's Guide to Downton Abbey" is now available from most online stores. And though, yes, I'm having some fun with the very dramatic British show, the fact is I'm a big fan and I really do explain what's going on. So whether you love the show too, or just want some laughs, this books for you! More info.

Paperback Writer (Because My Mom Won't Read eBooks) 

"A Guy's Secret Guide to Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Other Not-So-Secret Essays About Everything Else" is a paperback book that combines two of my previous eBooks: "A Guy's Secret Guide to Fifty Shades of Grey"  and my "Tom's Two Cents: A Collection of Columns".  Order it from Beaten Track Publishing or from  Amazon or look for it in bookstores, like Buffalo Street Books in Ithaca, NY.

More about the book.
Or, if you've heard enough but won't leave the comfort of your home to buy local, then you can go direct to Amazon to buy.

In Other News:

I recently uploaded a few of my old Ithaca Times feature articles.

And in case you're new to this eBook world,here's some  Info About eBooks