About eBooks

Most of my books are  available in the eBook format. If you have a dedicated reader, like a Kindle or a Nook you're all set. But please realize you don't need to spring for a new piece of hardware to read eBooks. If you have access to a computer, (and you're reading this, so duh), then you can download FREE reader programs that work pretty well. One nice interface is Adobe Digital Editions. It supports industry standard eBook formats (like EPUB) and allows you to read online and off and compile a library. Kindle and Nook offer free software, too. These are cool tools - and they'll give you access to a lot of free classic books. But most importantly, they will let you read mine! I have the cheapest Kindle (see below)  and I've been pretty happy with it. Yeah, nothing like a nicely bound book, but an eReader is a great option if you're like me, and live in fear of being stuck in a doctor's office with nothing but old People magazines.

Below are some examples.