About Tom

Sketchy TomFrom 2001 to 2010 Tom was an award winning columnist for the Times (That’s the Ithaca Times, not the New York Times.) He won the New York Press Association Region 4 Best Humor Column in 2004, runner up in 2002 and 2006. He also wrote  feature articles and restaurent reviews for the Times. A couple of his screenplays won awards from Writer’s Digest, nice “honorable mention” certificates that he proudly framed, but then misplaced when he moved.

By the way he doesn't usually talk about himself in the third person; it's just the way this type of bio is usually written, okay?

Now where was I? I mean he, I mean, oh, whatever...

Tom's latest adventure is into the world of self-publishing and eBooks. One could say he likes the do-it-yourself, individualism afforded by this new, exciting platform.  (Or you could say he was never able to get a conventional book contract, but that sounds so cynical...)

Tom could see that there was now a unique opportunity to quickly publish something in response to current events, something conventional publishers cannot do. For example, Tom kept seeing references to this whole "Fifty Shades of Grey" phenomena back in March. He read one of the books, and decided to write the parody "A Guy's Secret Guide to Fifty Shades of Grey." It took a couple weeks of early mornings and weekends (Hey, he does have a "real" job, too) to write his book. A "book" way too short  too short to interest a normal publisher. Tom had his eBook on Smashwords at the beginning of April, and on Amazon soon thereafter. Total time from idea to publishing was about three weeks, but even that could have been shorter if he could have worked at it full time. (Are you listening MacArthur fellowship people? Not saying he's a genius or anything, but who knows what he could get done working at writing full time.)

Anyway, my, I mean Tom's idea, worked. The book hit # 1 on the Kindle Humor/Parody list and # 2 on the iTunes Humor list without one penny spent on advertising. None of this would have been possible with a conventional approach.

Tom is happily married and they love living in the country with lots of trees and critters.

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