An American’s Guide to Downton Abbey – Coming Soon!

cover_250My latest eBook, “An American’s Guide to Downton Abbey,” is scheduled to be released October 1st. Unlike my best-selling humor book from last year, “A Guy’s Secret Guide to Fifty Shades of Grey,” this time I’m tackling a subject I truly enjoy. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun with it! Here’s my first attempt at a book description:

Downton Abbey is a much-loved BBC period drama that has captivated audiences on both sides of the pond. However, for Americans, trying to understand and follow a story set in an aristocratic British household in the early part of the twentieth century can be a bit confusing at times. But never fear, for this short, funny guide will explain things like “entails” and help the viewer keep track of all the various characters and plot developments in Season One. Viewers already familiar with the world of Downton will enjoy a more in-depth immersion, while newcomers will be better able to understand and appreciate this first and subsequent seasons.

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