Under The Weather

weatherSo a friend of mine was feeling “under the weather.” Which, we all understand, means a bit ill.

So what do you say when you’re feeling well? “I’m over the weather”? Or just “I’m feeling weather today”?  Or would you be “on the weather,” since something that’s “under the radar” can later be “on the radar.”

And how does one feel “under” the weather? If you go outside, you’re in the weather; it’s never above or below you. After all, isn’t “weather” just a description of what’s happening in the air around us?

I guess in a plane you could be over the weather below. So perhaps if you’re underground you’re “under the weather,” but why should that mean you’re not feeling well? Unless the reason that you’re underground is that you’re dead and buried, but then you wouldn’t be telling anyone how you feel.

Anyway, just wondering…

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