A New Post!

So what do you do when you realize it’s mid-February and your last blog was about Christmas? Nose to the grindstone and write a scintillating new entry? Welllll……

How about instead: find an excuse to post something, anything, so at least the ghost of Christmas past will stop haunting me.  And so my lack of inspiration and perspiration may be your gain. That is, I decided a good excuse for a new post would be to announce a big SALE! Yes indeed, for those of you who find my usual $2.99 price a bit too rich for your budget, my entire Kindle eBook catalog is now on 99 cents each. That’s right; everything from the #1 humor book “A Guy’s Secret Guide to 50 Shades of Grey” to my seldom read thriller “The Light Amid the Darkness” is less than a buck each on Amazon. Act fast, because this offer could end any time I dang well please.

For now, anyway, this price is only good on Amazon. Unfortunately I’ve had a difficult time changing prices on the other retailers, so I’ve learned to set once and leave alone. But hey, if a month from now I’ve still not come up with a new blog, well, that remains an option….

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