Offers I Can Refuse

Like many well-intentioned bloggers, my posts have become fewer and fewer over time. Life has a way of creating demands that relegate self expression to the “nice but not necessary” category. I have no doubt I’ll pick up the pen again (actually, plop the lap top in my lap) and blog more often – there is an itch there that wants to be scratched – but for now, some combination of too-much-to-do and then too-damned-tired tend to keep the muse at bay.

That said, I still check to see if anyone tried to contact me via the blog, as it would be rude to ignore them. However, a real person with a real comment hasn’t shown up in years.

Oh, I get lots of  “comments” from the blog site, but they all have to do with things like Fake Rolexes!, Calvin Klein Underwear Outlets!, and Canada Goose Jackets!  Pretty easy to just click “Spam” or “Trash.”

But today I paused over the Spam button because there seemed to be a legitimate question. It related to a technical aspect of the blog, concerning page loading speed. “Okay,” I thought, “A geeky question, but I’m a geeky kind of guy, and I could answer that.”

But then I noticed the reply to: Boobs Tumblr.

Okay, if you’re scamming me with social engineering, you might want to rethink that.

Or maybe that was the point? I would see a link to Boobs Tumblr and say “Hey, let’s check that out!”

Um, no. I’m not 15. Or stupid. Well, not THAT stupid, anyway…

But the good news in this sordid tale? It incensed me enough to blog about it! So thank, Boobs Tumblr, whoever and wherever you are.

But please stop commenting on my blog.


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